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What the heck is a Caswelch?
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Consider this the foundation of the Caswelch Family's CyberHome. Since 1992, when Karen and I first smooshed Caswell and Welch to create a uniquely inclusive surname, we have lived in Ohio, Michigan, Singapore (sigh...) and, for the past 8+ years, Indianapolis, Indiana: back in the USSA.

We have made many dear friends, now scattered like freshwater pearls around the globe, all of whom know that keeping in touch regularly is
not one of our strong points. Accordingly, this site will
evolve into a central clearing house for all things
Caswelch: our comings, goings, plans, aspirations,
achievements, daydreams -- you name it. A portal
for our extended family to connect to and keep up
with us, and us with them. For now, I am going
to be messing around with the look and feel of
the site, and sifting through images to share.

Navigation will be sketchy at best for at
least the next week or so, but I want to
go semi-live to get a feel for some of
the RapidWeaver plugins.

Sorry for the inconvenience, lah!